My Vision
Children represent the learning and growth potential within us! Your child is a success story waiting to happen. Unlock your children's abilities by giving them the keys for greatness. My name is Danielle, and I specialize in opening and expanding children's minds and hearts. I give your child the opportunity to flourish into an amazing human being that they can become, just like my teachers did for me.
Having graduated from Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts with a major in both Psychology and Music, and an additional concentration in Education, I integrate my studies to provide you with the best services to aid your child in achieving academic greatness. By my having such a diverse educational background, I view your child with open and fresh eyes, looking at the many facets they have instead of coldly observing your child as "hyperactive", "a day dreamer", or "a slow reader."
I will look at your child for all that they are and all that they will become. When I work with your child I will observe them as you would; with many different eyes, some looking at their strengths, growing abilities, personality, hobbies, and their over all life choices. Your child is a blooming human being who should be treated as a whole individual.
Professionally, I've spent much time evaluating different learning styles through standard tests and novel approaches for Beth Israel, Harvard University's teaching hospital. So, I'm primed for noticing subtle differences and adjusting to match learning styles with your children.
My personal experience with children is also diverse in nature. I teach children with and with out special needs in many different areas ranging from academic subjects, to music lessons, to using proper social graces.  Among special needs children, I have a soft spot and have invested time, with children diagnosed with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome. I am also experienced with teaching gifted children about how they can foster and develop their talents throughout their academic years. My heart truly goes out to all of those who want to evolve themselves into flourishing members of society.
As an experienced educator I have some new and innovative ways of working with your child. I look forward to collaborating with you and your child's goals. Teaching children is a natural gift I have, and I would love to pass the love of learning onto your child, providing them with enriching memories for all times! I am a firm believer in learning throughout the lifetime; let your child's mind expand in an enriching learning environment today!
You've come this far down the path, and I personally want to hear from you. Take a quick moment to say hello.
Heightened Learning Values
Core values

~Holistic teaching~

~Genuine Patience and Understanding~

~Creating Potential~

~Respect for Growing Individuals~