Quoting from Our Past
“I have no idea where to begin, but I’ll try by saying thank you for everything you have done for me!  You have completely changed my life all for the better.  You’ve taught me so many great things that will help me through my whole life.” ~ 14 year old student
“We treasure you so much, your presence, guidance, who you are as a person has been such a source of light and hope to our family” - Victoria G.
“You have been such a part of our lives this past year (and last).  Thank you so much for everything you have done to enhance [our son’s] learning and make this year’s transition easier...” - Karen N.
“Thanks for all of your help!!!” - Kim C.
“Thanks so much!  I think both of my kids are doing so much better in math because of you. They are much more comfortable, and I am so much more comfortable because it’s just not something I’m equipped to help them with.” ~ Ruth H.
“I appreciate the thoughtfulness of your evaluation, and your attempts to get a better understanding of [our daughter].  It is great to have someone who can see some of her unique gifts!” - Nancy L.
“You have been such a wonderful teacher to my children.  I have watched [our son] go from hating writing to initiating writing on his own.  He likes writing now and it is all because of you.  I could never have done that with him in this area.  I can’t express enough appreciation.  You are a gift to homeschoolers (and other kids) everywhere.” ~ Christine K.
Investing in Our Future
As a compassionate and service-oriented educator, I realize that a private education can be expensive for many families.  However, the return on investment is enormous when academic success leads to increased confidence, higher education, and better-paying, more satisfying occupations.
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The Heightened Learning Opportunity